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The Full Story

While serving as a corporate lawyer in Mexico Alonso Castillo submitted various video blogs to the leading Mexican newspaper, “Reforma” and was eventually asked to become a correspondent for the publication in Miami, FL, USA. Castillo relocated to Miami and shortly after a network executive approached him about being a panelist on a local television show. From there his television career spawned. Castillo shortly hosted an entertainment show on Telefutura/Univision, served as a panelist on various shows on both TV and Radio, and eventually landed a role on VME/ PBS as the host of the show, “Washington en VME.” On this show, he interviewed a plethora of people from Nobel Peace Prize winners to some of the most highly respected political figures in the world.  Castillo was then offered a position with Telemundo where he established himself as a Television Personality, Breaking News Reporter, and Investigative Journalist for Telemundo’s Consumer Protection Unit, “Responde.”  Castillo has been recognized for his outstanding journalism through a multitude of Emmy nominations, and five wins.


Currently he is a correspondent for Voice of America, based in Miami, where he covers a variety of topics; from science to politics.



Alonso Castillo was born and raised in Mexico City most of his life; however he attended Boarding Schools around the world (Dublin, Ireland; Cleveland, OH, USA; Miami, FL, USA) including a military school in St. Louis, MO, USA. Castillo eventually attended Universidad Iberoamericana including a semester at the University of Miami, where he received his Law degree in 2000.

Castillo became a corporate attorney at Baker & McKenzie but after a couple of years, he realized that was not his passion. He was more interested in communications so he followed his passion and moved to Miami in pursuit of a different career path and shortly after landed a position on a television show.

Career at Telemundo

Castillo’s primary responsibility during his time at “Telemundo 48” was as the Investigative Journalist for Telemundo’s Consumer Protection Unit, “Responde.” The main focus of this is to address and investigate the concerns of consumers. Thus far, he has recouped thousands of dollars for his viewers. Also, he spearheaded  the multiplatform coverage for the presidential and the California local elections; a one of a kind effort to inform and empower the Hispanic voters nationwide which brought unprecedented political coverage and a digital platform to reach younger voters.

He often served  as the morning anchor and has been nominated for multiple Emmy's, one of which was for an investigative series called, “Carteles de la Piel;” which discussed the impacts of human trafficking in the US.


During his time at “Telemundo Washington,” Castillo was the station’s breaking news reporter covering the most significant stories in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.  In addition, he led the political segment.


When needed  Castillo acted as the  prime time anchor and served his community as a representative of Telemundo by being the  Master of Ceremony for various forums on immigration, socioeconomic, and political issues. He was often sought after to participate on panels due to his ability to keep his finger on the pulse of concerns of the Hispanic/ Latino community. Castillo received five Emmy's for his work while at Telemundo 44.

In 2018, Castillo joined the team at Telemundo 51 (Miami) and immediately was sent to Tijuana, Mexico to cover the "Migrant Caravan." He is continuing to explore his passion each day by informing and educating the Telemundo viewers in the region. 

Other Television Outlets

In 2013, Castillo began working for the network “VME” associated with PBS, where he hosted his show “Washington in Vme” and had the opportunity to interview world leaders such as the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Lech Walesa, Secretaries of State, Senators, members of Congress, and personalities that shape the political, social and cultural landscape.

Prior to that he served as the host of SOI-TV talk show “Guarever Tudei.” This was a late night variety show that focused on entertainment, current events, comedy, and a host of other topics. He also served as the News Anchor for their show, “El Opiniario.”

Castillo is a media figure that has participated in numerous shows, such as Persiguiendo Injusticias for Telemundo Network, In addition he has been an invited guest for key media figures like Fernando del Rincon, Ana Maria Polo, and Marian de la Fuente.

He has shown his different facets and versatility as a social communicator where he conducts a series of stories that target current affairs while entertaining his audience. Alonso Castillo is a committed and honest communicator who is leaving his mark on television in the United States by promoting critical thinking and intelligent content.

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